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Safe fun ride apps features

Fast connect

The application has three different user modes,




Free update

Although the app can be used as a GPS for each one of the user modes, it’s main purpose is to be in communication with others who also have the app so that vehicle drivers can detect nearby motorcyclists as well as bicyclists.

Clean Design

Easy login with email and password or Google account.
Registration of your vehicle: Car, Motorcycle and/or Bicycle.

How it works

Select Vehicle Mode

User can click on the red and black toggle button to opt car,motorcycle or bicycle. Once selected the vehicle user can provide the details of vehicle.

Search Places

User can search places. The app will automatically plot the distance by marking between the user location and searched location. Google Map Optional.

Mapping direction

The searched place is marked and shown in the map.

Start ride

Once the user click on the Start Ride button the map will show all the vehicles in the nearby 9 milles of distance. App will also list the nearest vehicles name.

SafeFunRide apps screenshot

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